About E. Claire Design

A residential design firm located in Chicago, E. Claire Design has access to the world's largest collection of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories, along with the expertise to complete a home of any size, shape or scale. Whether in the initial stages of designing and building, renovating or redecorating, each project is a seamless partnership between client, designer and vendors - including architects and contractors, materials and fixture resources.

E. Claire projects span Chicago and its North Shore, Florida, Hawaii and London. To inquire about availability, please click here.

"Liz is a rare find among designers. While many have a signature look they impose on their clients, Liz works from the opposing perspective, intuitively understanding the people and life that inhabit a space."

Liz McEnaney

Principal owner, Liz McEnaney has been creating residential interiors for more than thirty years. With a classicist's approach to design, she guides her clients to make choices that stand the test of time. Known for her professionalism, exquisite taste and tenacious work ethic, she carefully considers the relationship between the interior and exterior world, and through the process turns house into home. Comfort and beauty always a priority, Liz specializes in design that is artful and not contrived, lush and serene, refined and always livable both indoors and out. 



For the privacy of your own home...
We purposefully choose not to overshare our client's personal spaces.

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